General Information

The Department of Business Administration offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students enrolled in a four-year undergraduate program are trained to gain knowledge, skills, and capabilities that today’s modern business world demands. The graduates of the Bachelor’s in Business Administration program can work in a wide range of fields, such as finance, banking and insurance, accounting, international trade, public relations, advertising, human resources management, and management counselling. They can be employed at both public and private sectors in various positions, including inspector, controller, public accountant, financial consultant, and manager.

Graduate programs at the Department of Business Administration are designed for students seeking to enhance their professional and/or academic careers. The department offers master’s degree programs with both a thesis and non-thesis option, focusing on the following three areas of specialization: Accounting & Finance, Management & Organization, Production Management & Marketing. The Ph.D. program in Business Administration is designed to prepare doctoral students for successful careers in higher education. The doctoral training provides students with the opportunities to develop advanced research and teaching skills through collaborative work with faculty and fellow students.

Last Update Date: 08 August 2018, Wednesday